Youth Accommodation Team

Provides many different services to young people aged between
14 & 9 months to 25 years of age.

Young people often have problems moving into independent living. Sometimes the obstacles are due to external factors, such as; decisions made by landlords and real estate agents about how young a tenant can be.

The Youth Accommodation Team can assist young people by advocating on their behalf with any problems that arise with Centrelink, Department of Housing or Real Estate Agents e.g.

  • How the system works
  • Clients rights & responsibilities

Sometimes the problems are due to personal needs, sometimes people need assistance getting accommodation. Others need assistance keeping their tenancy going. This is probably the most important skill set to learn. Our task at the Youth Accommodation Team is to ensure that young people have the skills and the capacity to get their own place….. And keep it! And to help you to earn a good rental reference.

How we work:

You can either be referred by another agency or self referred. We than will assess you to make sure that we understand your needs properly. If our project is the right one for you then we can offer the first stage of assistance.

The Youth Accommodation Team is able to assist with:

Advocacy, Support, Budgeting, Accommodation, Referrals, Court Support, Living Skills, or Just a Chat.