Narrabri & District Community Aid Service Inc.

Homeless Persons Support Team

Homeless Persons Support Team

Assistance for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to access crisis and short term accommodation. Case management support. 

What is the Homeless Persons Support Team??

The Homeless Persons Support Team or HPST is auspiced by the Narrabri & District Community Aid Service Inc. (NDCAS). We are a Supported Accommodation Program (SAAP) funded service providing brokered crisis assistance for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, outreach support and case management for clients once the crisis has been resolved.

What is Homelessness?? & Who is Homeless??

For homeless people who are ‘rough sleeping’ in exposed places such as parks, under bridges and similar places. HPST can assist by providing crisis accommodation or an appropriate referral.

When a person is ‘hidden homeless’ – living with family, friends and moving from place to place. We can assist either by crisis or by assisting them to obtain their own permanent accommodation. We provide similar assistance for people living in semi permanent accommodation such as in pubs or caravans.

What does HPST Do?

We provide three types of services—Early Intervention, Crisis Assistance and post Crisis Assistance. All three service types may also involve assessment, brokered assistance, referral and advocacy.